Unlock Quick Cash with dfcu’s USSD Credit Facility: Convenient, Hassle-free, and Secure

dfcu Bank offers an innovative and convenient financial solution in the form of an unsecured self-service credit facility. This service can be easily accessible and efficiently managed through the dfcu USSD code or dfcu QuickBanking app. Designed with the modern customer in mind, it provides a hassle-free way to secure loans, all at the tip of your fingers.

This unique credit facility is exclusively available to eligible customers who have maintained a commendable account conduct and possess a favorable financial history. These customers can leverage the power of their cell phones to access loans tailored to their needs and financial capabilities. The application process is streamlined, and the funds are disbursed promptly, making it ideal for those who require quick access to financial assistance.

Moreover, the repayment terms are flexible and can be customized to suit the borrower’s preferences, ensuring a hassle-free loan repayment experience. dfcu Bank’s unsecured self-service credit facility epitomizes modern banking, putting customers in control of their financial destinies while maintaining the highest standards of security and convenience.


Loan Flexibility: With a minimum loan amount of UGX.10,000 Shillings and a maximum of UGX.2,000,000 Shillings, you can borrow just the right amount to meet your financial requirements.

30-Day Repayment Period: Enjoy a hassle-free repayment schedule with a generous 30-day repayment period.

Bulk Payment: When your loan is due, you can make a single bulk payment, simplifying the repayment process.

Early Payback Option: Need to clear your debt sooner? dfcu offers a penalty-free early payback option, allowing you to save on interest.

For more information, contact us on customercare@dfcugroup.com or call toll-free 0800 222000 for support.


Self-Service Convenience: Accessing small loans has never been easier. You can apply and manage your loan via dfcu's USSD code or quick banking app, anytime and anywhere.

No Collateral Required: Say goodbye to the complexities of collateral. dfcu's USSD Credit Facility is unsecured, making it accessible to a wider range of customers.

Privacy: Your loan access is personal and private. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your financial transactions are secure.


  • Maintain an individual deposit account (excluding smart plan, young savers, campus plus) for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Minimum monthly account turnover of 84,000
  • Financial card for amounts above Ugx 500,000

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