Social Media Policy

dfcu Bank’s Social Media pages are part of our marketing communications outreach and are meant to be promotional in nature. We encourage our employees / users to participate on our Social Media pages in a responsible manner without name calling, rude and abusive language, derogatory and defamatory comments or in any manner that is construed to be offensive by the law against the Bank or its employees, other users / customers, public figures and the general public at large.

Since these pages are moderated by dfcu Bank employees and or assigned agents, an attempt will be made to respond in a timely manner. Please note that responses to your queries could be slower during non- banking hours/holidays and we would request you to bear with us in such situations. You can also write to us at

Please follow the guidelines below while using any of dfcu Bank’s Social Media pages:

  1. dfcu Bank is not responsible for comments made by the users since our Social Media pages are in the public domain and anyone can participate in them. However, as far as possible, we will ensure that user generated content / comments are topical, non-abusive, non-political, not derogatory or defamatory and do not ridicule or offend any person or community.

Similarly, dfcu Bank is not responsible for third - party Copyright and Intellectual Property materials posted by users of our Social Media pages. Users are therefore requested to post / share original content.

Topics that are not part of the discussion, repetitive comments or comments that are advertorial or promote another website or service will be deleted without warning.

Do not post any personal information such as address, telephone / mobile number, bank account number, e-mail ids and passwords, etc. on our Social Media pages. dfcu Bank does not ask for any address, telephone / mobile number, bank account number, e-mail ids and passwords on Social Media pages and dfcu Bank shall not be liable for any loss caused to any person as a result of posting such information on Social Media pages.

dfcu Bank employees posting / commenting on our Social Media pages should do so in their personal capacity without harming the Bank’s reputation and/or compromising on its integrity. At no time should dfcu Bank employees post any information or material, whether confidential or otherwise, without prior permission from the Bank. dfcu Bank will not be responsible / liable for any content posted by employees that has not been authorized.

Social Media pages should not be used by the customers for reporting lost cards, fraud or any information which requires immediate attention of the officials of the Bank and for such incidents the customers should follow the process as prescribed by dfcu Bank from time to time.

We reserve the right to exclude and ban/block any user from our pages without prior warning if they fail to comply with our Terms and Conditions and Policies. These guide lines apply to all dfcu Bank Social Media properties.


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