Unlock Your Homeownership Dreams with dfcu Group’s Refinancing Product

Are you looking to fast-track your journey to homeownership? dfcu bank the perfect solution for you – our refinancing product. With this innovative offering, you can pave the way to owning your dream home sooner and more affordably than you ever thought possible.

What is refinancing? It’s a smart financial move that involves paying off your current loan with a new one. But what sets dfcu’s refinancing product apart is its ability to potentially shorten your loan term and reduce your monthly repayments. This means you’ll have more financial flexibility, allowing you to make extra mortgage payments and accelerate your path to full homeownership.

Say goodbye to the stress of long mortgage terms and high monthly payments. Take the first step towards a brighter homeownership future today. Contact us at customercare@dfcugroup.com or call toll-free 0800 222000 for expert support and guidance.


The refinancing product involves paying out one’s current loan with a new one. It may shorten your loan term and reduce your repayments, so you can afford to make extra mortgage repayments and ow home sooner.


  • Copy of title deed (for valuation).
  • Approved building plans (for all).
  • Consent to mortgage (for some lease hold properties).

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