Vision and Mission Statement


To be the preferred Financial Institution providing a broad range of quality products to our chosen customer segments

Mission statement

dfcu will seek to grow shareholder value while playing a key role in transforming the economy and enhancing the well-being of people.

Through our dynamic and responsive teams, we will provide innovative financial solutions and maintain the highest levels of customer service and professional integrity.



Great teamwork requires a shared vision and passion. At the core are committed individuals who will offer encouragement and support. But effective teamwork also requires leaders who put the team’s interest before their own.


We welcome and believe in people of integrity. We applaud the individual who practices honesty and fairness. Ultimately, each individual’s strength of character will ensure that we maintain business with integrity.


As individuals we are continually raising standards in our pursuit of excellence. We strive to deliver what was promised on time if not sooner. Our job is simply not done until our stakeholders and we are all more than satisfied.

Customer Focus

We will anticipate and understand our customers’ needs. We focus on what is achievable and strive to work with a sense of urgency, vigor and commitment knowing that wasted time has a price. Our challenges are opportunities to be seized that allow us to develop, excel and win.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognize the need to maintain a clean environment for sustainable economic growth. dfcu has policies in place re-affirming its commitment to ensuring adequate protection of the environment. Similar policies are also in place to ensure the adoption of internationally accepted best practice when dealing with health, safety and social issues where dfcu is fully focused on being a socially responsible employer and lender.