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Rising Woman Season 6

Welcome to the 6th Edition of the Rising Woman Campaign held in collaboration with dfcu Bank, Monitor Publications Limited’s (MPL) renowned brand, Daily Monitor, Uganda Investment Authority-UIA, and Uganda Airlines.

Running under the theme “Empowering Entrepreneurs to Succeed”, the 6th Edition of Rising Woman promises an array of enriching activities.

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Rewards for the best Proposals


Agribusiness Value Addition


Manufacturing & Consumer Services


Digital Innovation & E-commerce

An all-expenses paid study trip for the top 10 winners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who qualifies?

    Participants shall be female entrepreneurs who individually or jointly own at least 50% of a business that is formally registered and domicile in Uganda.

    The business must be 50% owned by a woman/women and domicile in Uganda.

    • Senior leadership or board consisting of more than 30% women.
    • Businesses founded by a woman who retains an active role in the business.
    • Businesses where the share of women in the workforce representing at least 30-50% of the workforce.
    • Businesses dealing in products/services that specifically benefit women and address critical barriers to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.
  • Where to pick up the guideline forms

    Download forms from dfcugroup.com, any dfcu branch, UIA offices or Daily Monitor offices.

  • How to submit

    Drop 2 fully signed hard copies at any of the dfcubranch, UIA offices or Daily Monitor offices OR

    Email to womeninbusiness@dfcugroup.com

  • Winners will be awarded with
      1. UGX15 Million, UGX 10 Million and UGX 5 Million for top 3 winners respectively.
      2. An all-expenses study tour trip in Nairobi for the top 10 proposals.
  • Deadline & Contacts

    Deadline: Thursday 31st  October 2023

    Contact Persons:  

  • Terms & Conditions of Participation in the Proposal Writing Competition
    1. The competition is only open to female entrepreneurs of adult age.
    2. Female entrepreneurs who work with any of the sponsoring partners are not eligible to participate.
    3. Proposals shall follow the format provided in the proposal writing guideline form, which is available on the dfcuwebsite, all dfcu branches, Daily Monitor offices and all UIA offices. Proposals that do not meet the requirements provided therein shall not be allowed.
    4. Proposals shall be submitted by delivering 2 hard copies at any dfcubranch, Daily Monitor office or UIA office. Submission may also be done online by sending an email womeninbusiness@dfcugroup.com.
    5. Submission of Proposals will close on Tuesday, 31st October 2023 at midnight (the “Closing Date”).
    6. Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of Judges whose decision will be final.
    7. The Top 20 Participants with the best evaluated proposals shall each be required to make a personal presentation before a panel of Judges who shall then select the top 10 proposals where the Top three will emerge from.
    8. Participants may be required to get involved in various media engagements (on TV, Radio, Print and Online) and their stories may be shared with the public on the platforms selected bydfcu, Daily Monitor and Uganda Investment Authority. Each participant shall be deemed to have consented to being part of such media engagements by submitting their application.
    9. The top 10 winners from the previous Rising Woman seasons are not eligible.
  • Rising Woman Business Breakfast ,Trainings and Expo
    1. The competition is only open to female entrepreneurs of adult age.
    2. Participants shall be female entrepreneurs who individually or jointly own at least 50% of a business that is formally registered and domicile in Uganda.
    3. Participants in Kampala shall register for the training at any dfcuBranch, Daily Monitor office or UIA office.
    4. Participants from outside Kampala shall register through email womeninbusiness@dfcugroup.com
    5. The training will be conducted in various sessions across the country. Details of the sessions can be obtained from any dfcu Branch, Daily Monitor office or UIA office.
    6. Availability of seats at the training sessions will be on a first come basis.
    7. There will be an Expo held in October 2023.
    8. Participants in the Expo shall register and book for space at any dfcu Branch, Daily Monitor Office or UIA Office or Email womeninbusiness@dfcugroup.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

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