Introducing the dfcu – Pesapal Partnership: Elevating Business Payments

In a groundbreaking move, dfcu Bank joined forces with Pesapal, a trusted secure payments provider, to unveil a Merchant Acquiring service that promises to revolutionize how businesses operate in Uganda. This partnership signifies a new era of digital payment solutions, addressing the surging demand for electronic transactions and offering customers an array of seamless payment options.

When dfcu Bank pledged its commitment to digitalization in 2021, providing real-time banking services via technology was a core objective. Now, in partnership with Pesapal, dfcu is set to deliver yet another payment processing solution, enabling merchants to accept card payments and mobile money from dfcu customers.

Pesapal, renowned for its secure and efficient digital payment solutions, offers an all-in-one digital payment platform that caters to businesses and consumers alike. This partnership promises to empower businesses to process electronic payments, including Visa and Mastercard transactions and mobile money transfers, with ease and reliability.

This collaboration is a testament to dfcu Bank’s commitment to transforming the lives and businesses of Ugandans, adding to their extensive range of customer-centric solutions. As the digital landscape evolves, dfcu continues to invest in partnerships, products, and services that empower Ugandans to thrive in an increasingly digital world.


POS terminal features.

  1. The machine comes at a one-off cost of UGX 550,000.
  2. Superior reconciliation and reporting.
  3. Superior support.
  4. NFC enabled.
  5. Customized receipts.
  6. Faster settlement.
  7. Digital receipts.
  8. Dual network connectivity.
  9. Security.
  10. POS integration.
  11. Multiple payment options.


  • Expanded Payment Options.
  • Increased Revenue.
  • Efficiency and Convenience.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • Digital Transformation.


For a limited company:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Company Form 7/20
  • Copy of the Company URA TIN Certificate
  • Copy of the Directors' URA TIN Certificate
  • Copy of the National ID/Passport of the Directors
  • Canceled Cheque/Bank Statement/Bank Letter for the Company accounts; both USD & UGX

For a sole proprietorship:

  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • Director's URA TIN Certificate
  • Copy of the National ID/Passport of the Director's
  • Canceled Cheque/Bank Statement/Bank Letter for both USD & UGX accounts.

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