dfcu Bank Launches ‘Make Big Moves’ Campaign, Empowering Customers with Asset Financing Solutions

KAMPALA, UGANDA – 09th August 2023: Under its ‘Reach for More’ thematic campaign, dfcu Bank has unveiled a 5-months-long Asset Financing Campaign designed to offer financing for movable assets for its customers in Corporate, Personal & Business Banking Segments. The Bank has a long history of providing Asset Financing products to customers across the country providing tailored financial solutions to various segments in the market. The campaign, in partnership with specific asset vendors, promises to offer customers the best deals in the market over the next five months.

Dubbed ‘Make Big Moves’, both existing and new customers of the Bank stand to gain access to a range of products, including Finance Leases and Consumer Asset Finance facilities. The financing solution allows customers to retain the use of their assets while making convenient instalment payments to the bank.

Additionally, the financed amounts cater to various needs, starting from UGX 50M to over UGX 15BN or its USD equivalent for a minimum period of 12 months to maximum 60 months. Repayment options are flexible, designed to match the cash flow of businesses, with payment varying from monthly, quarterly, termly, semi-annually, to annually.

Sandra Kaggwa, dfcu Bank’s Manager – Asset Finance noted that the ‘Make Big Moves’ campaign targets regular income earners, established businesses, sole proprietors, companies, and investment clubs with steady cash flow to meet their instalment payments. “As part of the Asset Finance solution from dfcu, the primary security is the asset being financed, with dfcu Bank offering up to 90% financing, depending on the age and type of the asset,” she said.

Customers under the ‘Make Big Moves’ campaign will start making repayments after receiving the financed asset from the supplier. During the delivery period, a pre-delivery interest will be charged, which can either be paid upon receipt of the asset or capitalized as part of the principal facility amount,” Kaggwa added.

To further facilitate the financing process, dfcu Bank is able to grant customers an Insurance Premium Finance (IPF) facility to cover the upfront Insurance premium payment.

Concluding her remarks, Kaggwa added that, “With ‘Make Big Moves,’ we are empowering our customers to realize their aspirations and grow their businesses with the support of dfcu Bank. We take pride in our long-standing legacy of offering Asset Finance products, and this campaign reflects our commitment to providing flexible financing solutions for our valued customers. We have also partnered with various asset vendors to make the aspirations of our clients a reality.”

In its quest to Transform Lives and Businesses, dfcu Bank’s continues to create solutions which meet the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals and businesses. By tailoring flexible repayment options and with a diverse range of asset financing options, the Bank hopes to inspire its customers to Make Big Moves, in their personal and business finances.


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