• What is a dfcu Investment Club?

    This is a program that was started by dfcu Bank that brings together a group of people with common business interests and ambitions. The aim is to pool funds together to the completion of the common goal in a far shorter time period than would be the case if each member acted individually.

  • Can I get any other insurance product through dfcu Bank?

    Yes, you can. You can get any insurance products including motor insurance, fire and burglary, domestic insurance cover to medical insurance, life insurance and property insurance.

  • Is there a difference between Insurance and bancassurance? What does bancassurance mean for the customer?

    No, there is no difference between Insurance and Bancassurance. Bancassurance simply means that you can now access insurance through dfcu Bank. Simply put, it is insurance bought through your Bank.

  • What are the benefits of Insurance?

    Insurance provides a means to protect your wealth and prevent you sliding into a lower income bracket.

    Think about a parent, who saves money in a trust fund every month to secure their children’s future:

    • How long would they need to save to have sufficient funds?
    • What would happen if they weren’t around long enough?

    Insurance provides a solution for most for all who have not acquired sufficient wealth to secure our own future and that of our loved ones.

  • Does dfcu offer Insurance Cover?

    Yes, we do. Enjoy the convenience of doing your banking and paying insurance at the same time from any of our branches countrywide.


  • What are the charges on the dfcu Quick Overdraft?

    • Interest rate applicable is 3% per month
    • Arrangement Fees is handled as follows


    Loan Amount Tier Flat Fees Charged
    UGX. 100,000 -1,000,000 UGX 25,000
    UGX. 1,000,001 – 2,000,000 UGX 50,000
    Above 2,000,001 UGX 100,000

  • What does one need to apply for the dfcu Quick Overdraft?

    • Evidence of salary coming into the dfcu salary account or current account for at least one month.
    • Copy of Financial card
    • Copy of valid ID which can be passport, National Identity card, driving permit.
    • Copy of appointment letter or contract
    • Work permit (if foreign national)

  • How soon does it take to get the dfcu Quick Overdraft?

    We guarantee that you will receive the money same day provided the request has been submitted before 3.00pm.

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