dfcu Sectors

Trade and Commerce

As the leading Bank that has predominantly focused on the Trade and Commerce sector for many decades, we understand the needs of Retailers, Wholesalers, Exporters and Importers. With our reach across the country, we are best placed to support your business with our attractive financial solutions to meet these needs.


Our heritage is deeply rooted in this sector. In 1964, we were established to provide long term financing to support development projects in the Ugandan economy. Over the years we have customized our financials solutions to support your financial needs ranging from working capital, term investments such as purchase of factory equipment and capex constructions funded by our long term financing.


Supporting the education agenda is at the core of dfcu Bank. We believe improving the quality of education and attaining a consistent standard at all levels of the education system is important for the future skill set of Uganda. Over the last 53 years, we have partnered with several academic institutions and supported their expansion strategies and day to day operations through our wide range of financial solutions.


Agriculture is the backbone of the Ugandan economy with over 80% of the population being directly or indirectly involved in various aspects of this sector. Through our partnership with Rabobank, the world’s largest Food & Agri Bank in the world, we provide extensive knowledge and experience to players along the agri-business value chain including input suppliers, farmers in the primary product, agri processors and traders/exporters.

Oil and Gas

We have realigned our key priority areas to focus on providing tailored-made financial solutions to support the sector. With specialized teams to deliver superior services to all stakeholders in the value chain, we are committed to our strategic intent that is to be the partner of choice for the Oil and Gas industry.

Building and Construction

We believe that the Building and Construction sector plays a vital role in the development of the Ugandan economy. To support the sector, we aim at creating attractive financial solutions that help businesses in this sector succeed and grow. Our team of experts, work to gain an in-depth understanding of specific businesses in order to develop credit structures that are appropriate.

Public Sector

We continue to build strategic partnerships with the Government and provide innovative financial solutions to drive this agenda. To this cause, we have a broad range of financial solutions that have been designed not only for this sector but other sectors like Agriculture, Tourism, Energy, Transport to mention a few, in order to demonstrate our commitment and participate in the economic growth agenda. Not-for-profit (NFP) organizations are an integral part of Uganda’s economy contributing significantly to different sectors in this economy including health, relief interventions, education, agriculture and so much more. dfcu Bank appreciates and understands this sector and has put in place financial solutions to meet the existing challenges which include cost optimization, operational efficiency and customer experience. Our offering to this segment includes, a low tariff account, Interest earning account, bulk payment solutions, third-party payments, to mention a few.


We recognize the unique financial requirements of Multinational Companies and large corporates. With the support from our specialized relationship managers, experts from Financial Markets, Transactional banking and asset finance, we have strategically positioned our offering to cater for a wider spectrum of global and locally standardized products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers.


dfcu is aware that the financial health of its customers is important for the sustainability and continuity of the business entities. However, this can only be achieved if the personal health of the proprietors of the various businesses is good. Through the Specific Health Sector Value Proposition, the Bank has linkages with the various health sector players and adequate financing solutions that are intended to enable the Health Sector Investors in Uganda acquire the desired facilities to provide quality health service to all Ugandans.


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