You can now Live your Life Uninterrupted with our e-banking platform that gives you access your account at any time, wherever you are. It’s faster, safer, and simpler.

dfcu QuickBanking is a robust multi-channel (Mobile and Internet) that provides seamless navigation across all channels using the same credentials, allowing you to carry out your banking transactions on the go with; dfcu QuickCode, dfcu QuickApp or dfcu QuickOnline/QuickConnect. To get started, visit your nearest dfcu Branch to update your information with your National ID/Passport or, visit: https://internet.dfcugroup.com/ or, download the dfcu QuickApp from the App Store or Google Play Store.  


Open a Secondary Account with dfcu QuickBanking

You can also Open a Secondary Account from anywhere and at any time using your phone or laptop. Simply download the dfcu QuickApp from the App Store or Google Play Store or use dfcu QuickOnline/QuickConnect https://internet.dfcugroup.com/sign-in and go to ‘Open New Account’ to get started.


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