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dfcu Bank offers an innovative and convenient financial solution in the form of an unsecured self-service credit facility. This service can be easily accessible and efficiently managed through the dfcu USSD code or dfcu QuickBanking App. Designed with the modern customer in mind, it provides a hassle-free way to secure loans, all at the tip of your fingers.


  • Loan Flexibility: With a minimum loan amount of UGX 10,000 Shillings and a maximum of UGX 2,000,000 Shillings, you can borrow just the right amount to meet your financial requirements.
  • 30-Day Repayment Period: Enjoy a hassle-free repayment schedule with a generous 30-day repayment period.
  • Bulk Payment: When your loan is due, you can make a single bulk payment, simplifying the repayment process.
  • Early Payback Option: Need to clear your debt sooner? dfcu offers a penalty-free early payback option, allowing you to save on interest.


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