COUNT HER IN: How dfcu’s Women Business Advisory Council Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

The Women Business Advisory Council (WBAC) at dfcu Bank is a governing body of professionals including Dr. Gudula Basaza, Mrs. Rosemary Mutyabule, and myself, Belinda Namutebi. Together, we support Management to address the gender-related concerns affecting female staff and the bank’s Women-In-Business clientele.

The necessity of the advisory council was apparent. When you cast a gender lens on women in the workplace and the marketplace, you realise that they face unique challenges, barriers, and inequalities that hinder career advancement and access to financial resources. The Council was therefore set up to address these gender-specific challenges through the various bank’s initiatives and programs.

Formed in 2012, the Council was the first of its kind in Uganda, taking the initiative to pioneer the gender-equal financial opportunity[1].

One of the primary purposes of the dfcu Women Business Advisory Council is to facilitate and support dfcu Bank’s Women-In-Business clientele. The strategic guidance we provide enhances the bank’s programs and initiatives, empowering women in business to overcome gender biases that hinder their progress. We want to advance the development of women across the value chain and ensure more women are encouraged and emboldened to pursue executive and leadership positions.

Our Women-In-Business clientele forms a supportive community of like-minded women entrepreneurs, benefiting from a wealth of shared resources, experiences, and accomplishments.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Women-In-Business can broaden their professional networks, connecting with potential markets, suppliers, and support networks. This ensures that women do not operate in isolation and remain well-informed about their respective industries. Collaborative efforts amplify voices and advocacy endeavours, addressing the diverse challenges women encounter in business.

Furthermore, mentorship programs facilitate skills development, knowledge exchange, and offer guidance to assist women in navigating challenging situations with confidence.


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