Enjoy Real time Liquidation of all payments received for MoMopay Merchants into your dfcu Account

Together with MTN MoMo, we have rolled out a solution which empowers MTN merchants to get real time liquidation of their MoMo accounts in a bank. The new solution enables Pay with MoMo payments to be  automatically transferred directly to the merchant’s dfcu Bank account.

What is Real-Time Auto Liquidation for Merchant Payments?

Real-Time Auto Liquidation is a new feature introduced by MTN Mobile Money to streamline and automate the process of settling MoMo payments for merchants. Instead of manual instructions, payments made through MoMopay will now be automatically and instantly settled to the merchant's dfcu bank account.

When will this feature be effective?

The Real-Time Auto Liquidation for Merchant Payments banked in dfcu Bank is live (from 5th December 2023).

How does this benefit merchants?

  • Instant access to funds: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual transfers. Your payments will be available in your dfcu Bank account in real-time, allowing you to access your funds immediately at Bank as is with other merchant solutions like Card payments.

  • Enhanced efficiency: Our new system eliminates the need for you to initiate the transfer, saving you time and effort. You can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

  • Reliability & security: Rest assured that your payments are securely and seamlessly transferred to your bank account without any delays or manual intervention.

  • Smoother transactions: This innovation ensures that merchants receive funds from Pay with MoMo transactions in real-time, eliminating delays caused by manual processing. This leads to smoother and more efficient financial transactions for merchants.

Will merchants still need to provide manual instructions for liquidation?

No, with the introduction of Real-Time Auto Liquidation, there will be no need for manual instructions or interventions. The feature will work like wallet to bank feature but for business accounts(merchants). The entire process is automated.

What information is required during onboarding for MoMopay Payments acceptance?

During onboarding, merchants need to provide the necessary bank account details where they wish to receive the automatic settlements. This information is crucial for the seamless operation of Real-Time Auto Liquidation. The onboarding process/forms for the merchant service therefore is the basis of the liquidating accounts provided by the merchants.

How can merchants track their settlements and transactions?

Merchants can continue to use the existing reporting tools provided by MTN Mobile Money (web portal) to track their settlements and transactions. The real-time nature of this feature allows for immediate visibility into payment activities.

What happens if there are issues with the automatic settlement?

In the rare event of any issues with automatic settlement, merchants can reach out to dedicated MTN & dfcu customer support team for assistance. We are committed to resolving any concerns promptly.

Will there be any additional charges for using Real-Time Auto Liquidation?

Currently, there are no additional charges associated with Real-Time Auto Liquidation. Merchants will continue to follow the existing fee structure for MoMopay transactions.

How can merchants provide feedback or report issues with the new feature?

Merchants are encouraged to provide feedback or report any issues through the MTN Mobile Money customer support channels. This input is valuable in enhancing and optimizing the system for everyone.

How can I access dfcu:

Merchants can visit the nearest dfcu Bank Branch or contact their relationship manager. They can also reach us on 0800 222 000 toll-free or WhatsApp 0776 760760 for more information about Real-Time Auto Liquidation for Merchant Payments with MTN Momo on momopayregistartion.uganda@mtn.com.

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