dfcu Bank Small Business Recovery Fund FAQs

dfcu Bank is supporting small businesses to recover and thrive

dfcu Bank has been at the forefront of transforming businesses in Uganda by providing affordable and flexible financing solutions. The Small Business Recovery Fund supports small businesses that have been affected by the Covid- 19 pandemic.


  1. What is the Small Business Recovery Fund?

The dfcu Small Business Recovery Fund provides loans/credit to small businesses that have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but show potential for recovery if provided with the right financial support. Through the fund, dfcu provides affordable credit facilities to small businesses that have suffered financial distress arising from the knock-on effects of COVID-19 pandemic. This fund provides the much-needed liquidity to resuscitate such businesses.


  1. Why should small businesses take up this funding?

The fund has been crafted to support small business customers get back on their feet.  The loan offer includes the following:

  • A business can access up to UGX 100 million in financing

  • There is no minimum loan amount

  • The loans are offered at a discounted interest rate of 10% per annum, which is on a reducing balance.

  • The fund is available to support all economic sectors such as Trade, Education, Real Estate, Services, Health etc.


  1. What is the repayment period for these loans?

The loan repayment period is a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 4 years, which includes a grace period of a maximum of 1 year depending on the nature of the project.


  1. Who is eligible to access this funding?

The credit facility is available to small businesses under the following criteria:

  • Small businesses operated by individuals, groups, partnerships and companies, employing between 5-49 people;

  • Business with an annual turnover of UGX 10 million to UGX 100 million;

  • The businesses should demonstrate capacity for recovery;

  • A qualifying borrower can only access this financing once and there are no top-ups. This provides an opportunity to other eligible borrowers to access the much-needed financing;

  • Agri-businesses or agricultural activities that are eligible under the Agricultural Credit Facility (ACF) and those that have already been financed under ACF are not eligible.


  1. How can eligible customers access the fund?

To apply, customers can visit the nearest dfcu Bank Branch or contact their relationship manager. They can also reach us on 0800 222 000 or WhatsApp 0776 760760 for more information about the Small Business Recovery Fund.


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