Agent Banking FAQs

What is Agent Banking?

Agent Banking is a service channel that enables you to access our services through Agents contracted by the bank.

What Services are available?

  1. Cash deposit to own and other dfcu Bank account.

  2. Cash withdraw from own account

  3. Account Opening Origination

  4. Bill payment (Electricity, Water, Pay TV, Tax).

  5. School fees payment

  6. Float purchase (MTN, Airtel)

  7. Inter account transfers and Interbank transfers.

  8. Mini statements and Balance enquiry

What are the benefits of Agent Banking?

  • Quick: no travelling to the bank, no queues, fast transaction processing.

  • Affordable: transaction fees are lower than branch fees.

  • Convenient: Agents open longer hours than bank Branches and are close to where customers live, work and shop.

  • Simple: transaction process is simple, and no forms are required.

What do I need to perform cash deposit and cash withdrawal transactions?

  1. To conduct a cash deposit transaction, you (customer) will need the following:

  • account number

  • account title

  • Cash

  1. To conduct a cash withdrawal, you (customer) will need the following:

  • active debit card and PIN

Are the transactions real time?

Yes, all transactions are real time

How will I know the transaction has been completed?

  • The agent will provide a transaction receipt for every successful transaction

  • SMS or email will be sent to Account Owner on request

In case the transaction is rejected or failed, how will I know?

In case the transaction is rejected or fails, the agent will provide you (customer) a receipt indicating this status

What should I do if there is disputed transaction?

  1. If there is a disputed transaction on your account, please report this to our contact centre.

  • Call us on 0800 222 000 / 0414351000

  • Send email

  • WhatsApp on +256776 760760

  • SMS to 8889

  1. Provide the following details:

  • Your full name

  • Account number

  • Transaction type (e.g cash withdrawal or cash deposit)

  • Date and time of transaction

  • Amount involved

  • Receipt of the transaction

What criteria must an Agent meet?

  • Is a registered and licensed business

  • Have a physical address

  • Have adequate and secure premises

  • Have an account in a financial institution licensed by the Central Bank

  • Have been engaged in a commercial activity for at least 12 months

Who can be a dfcu Agent?

  • Registered Sole proprietors

  • Registered Partnerships

  • Limited liability companies

  • Cooperative Societies

  • Microfinance Institutions

  • Any other entity which the Central Bank may deem fit for example, payments companies

What should I do to become a dfcu Approved Agent?

  • Visit any dfcu Bank branch or

  • Call us on 0800 222 000 / 0414351000

  • Send email

  • WhatsApp on +256776 760760

  • SMS to 8889

Customer Notice

  • No direct charges/fees should be levied by this Agent.

  • Agent services are provided subject to availability of funds.

  • Valid identification is required for Agent transactions.

  • Obtain printed receipts for all successful transactions done by the Agent.

  • Sign the Agent transaction register before leaving the Agent premises.

  • Keep your PIN private. Never disclose your PIN to anyone.

  • For more information on dfcu Agent services please call 0800 222 000.

dfcu Bank Agent Prohibited Activities

Agents shall not:

  • Operate or carry out a transaction when the system is down.

  • Operate or carry out a transaction when there is a communication failure in the system.

  • Operate or carry out a transaction in the customer’s absence.

  • Operate or carry out a transaction when the system cannot generate a hard copy system receipt or acknowledgement of the transaction.

  • Charge fees directly to customers.

  • Undertake Cheque deposits, distribution of Cheque books, ATM Cards, or conduct foreign exchange transactions.

  • Subcontract other person(s) to provide Agent Banking services.

  • Provide Agent Banking services at a location other than the physical address of the agent.


Tariff Guide

Transaction Band (UGX) Deposit (UGX) Withdraw (UGX) Bills / School Fees (UGX)
<10,000 Free 1,000 950
10,001 - 60,000 Free 1,200 950
60,001 - 150,000 Free 1,500 1,700
150,001 - 250,000 Free 2,000 2,050
250,001 - 350,000 Free 3,500 2,950
350,001 - 500,000 Free 4,000 3,450
500,001 - 1,000,000 Free 5,000 4,000
1,000,001 - 2,500,000 Free 8,500 7,950
Above 2,500,001 Free 10,000 7,950
Other Services Charge (UGX)
Account Opening Free
Balance Inquiry 500
Mini statement (last 5 Transactions) 500
Internal Transfers 500
Inter Bank Transfers 3500



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