• What benefits do dfcu Women in Business Customer enjoy?

    Through many of the initiatives offered, several women have been exposed and upskilled in a number of areas including customer service, managing people, record keeping and business growth. Other benefits include;

    • A dedicated Relationship Manager to support day to day banking requirements
    • Preferential interest rates on credit facilities
    • Access to business trainings and mentorship opportunities
    • Local and international business linkages and study tours
    • Opportunity to grow savings through dfcu Investment Clubs
    • Business advisory services provided through the dfcu WiB Centre

  • What achievements has the dfcu Women in Business (WiB) program attained?

    The program continues to supports women manage their businesses more efficiently and realize their business potential. Since inception, the dfcu WiB program has achieved several milestones including;

    • Over 10,000 members are currently registered on the program
    • Over 12,000 women have benefited from the capacity building sessions
    • Over 4,000 women have benefited from the dfcu WiB loans

  • Who qualifies for the dfcu Women in Business (WIB) program?

    Any woman entrepreneur trading as a sole proprietor or a company where the woman holds 50% shares and above qualifies. To get started, visit your nearest branch and sign up.

  • What is the dfcu Women in Business proposition?

    The dfcu Women in Business was launched in 2007 with the primary objective of creating an enabling environment for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs owners.

  • What happens when the leased equipment develops a mechanical problem?

    From the start you are responsible for choosing the equipment from the supplier, so you have to be very cautious of its quality. You are also responsible for maintaining the equipment in good mechanical condition. We will carry out routine inspections to make sure the equipment is maintained properly. The client is expected to meet the full cost of repair should there be a mechanical.

  • Does one have to be a dfcu bank customer to qualify for a lease?

    No. You do not have to be a customer of dfcu Bank to qualify for a lease facility. However, you will be required to open an account with dfcu Bank on approval of the lease.

  • What repayment options are available with the dfcu Leasing offering?

    Repayments are structured to match the cash flow of your business. For instance, repayments for a school will be structured to fall at the beginning of school terms. A normal lease period is 2 to 5 years depending on the type of equipment financed and the lessee’s own anticipated cash flow.

  • Can one lease more than one product in a first lease?

    Yes! One can lease more than one product provided they have adequate cash flows to maintain the repayments.

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