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Under our ‘Reach for More’ thematic campaign, we unveiled a 5-months-long Asset Financing Campaign designed to offer financing for movable assets for our customers in Corporate, Personal & Business Banking Segments. We have a long history of providing Asset Financing products to customers across the country and providing tailored financial solutions to various segments of the market. The campaign, in partnership with specific asset vendors, promises to offer customers the best deals in the market over the next five months.

Dubbed ‘Make Big Moves’, both existing and new customers stand to gain access to a range of products, including Finance Leases and Consumer Asset Finance facilities. The financing solution allows customers to retain the use of their assets while making convenient instalment payments.

Additionally, the financed amounts cater to various needs, starting from UGX 50 million to over UGX 15 billion or its USD equivalent for a minimum period of 12 months to maximum 60 months. Repayment options are flexible, designed to match the cash flow of businesses, with payment varying from monthly, quarterly, termly, semi-annually, to annually.

To further facilitate the financing process, we can grant customers an Insurance Premium Finance (IPF) facility to cover the upfront Insurance premium payment.

In our quest to Transform Lives and Businesses, we continue to create solutions which meet the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals and businesses. By tailoring flexible repayment options and with a diverse range of asset financing options, we hope to inspire customers to Make Big Moves, in their personal and business finances.

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