Savings Accounts

These are deposit accounts designed to enable you save some money and earn interest according to your preferred level of savings. The more you save, the higher the interest earned.

dfcu Classic Savings Accounts

This account offers flexibility to meet your savings needs while allowing unlimited access to your money.

dfcu Savings plus Accounts

At dfcu we know that you work so hard and strive to save your money so you can use it at a later stage. The dfcu Savings Plus Account enables you save your money in your preferred foreign currency.

dfcu Smart Plan Accounts

If you have a high propensity to save, then dfcu Smart plan is ideal for you. With a Smart Plan you will grow your money and make that dream a reality. The Plan offers you the opportunity to grow your wealth by committing to a regular monthly deposit, enabling you to reach your goal faster.

Campus Plus Account

dfcu Campus Plus is a university account designed to cater for unique needs of students in institutions of higher learning, which guarantees a more pleasurable banking experience on campus.

dfcu Young Savers Account

A little can go a long way…By starting early and staying committed, you can set your child on the path to financial security with a dfcuYoung Savers account.

dfcu Achievers Account

The dfcu Achievers account is a school fees account that guarantees your children’s future dreams can come true. It is a savings account designed to make it easier for you to secure your children’s future through savings.

dfcu Easy Access Accounts

Our Easy Access Account is for anyone who is concerned about safety and convenience

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To find out more about the dfcu Savings Accounts, visit your nearest dfcu branch or call us on 0414 351 000/ 0312 300 200 or Email