Current Accounts

dfcu Bank offers current account options with value added and time saving features to facilitate your financial transactions. The current account options include the Standard Current account, One Tariff account, the Salary account, Un-incorporated accounts (to cater for Churches/Clubs/ Associations/NGO) and Business  Current account.

dfcu Standard current accounts

Is a great choice for you if your transactions are typically business like. It is designed to help you make most of your money by making sure it is readily available whenever you need it.

dfcu One Tariff Accounts

The dfcu One Tariff account offers an excellent way to manage your finances and bank transaction for a flat monthly service charge.

dfcu Salary Accounts

The dfcu Salary Accounts has been specially tailored to the needs of salaried earners giving you flexibility in managing your transactions. 

dfcu Pinnacle Current Accounts

The dfcu Pinnacle Current  account helps you plan better and manage your costs.

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Terms & Conditions  

To find out more about dfcu Current Accounts, visit your nearest dfcu branch or call us on 0414 351 000/ 0312 300 200 or Email